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No Ideas

2007-11-15 19:13:43 by Exalted-Legion

Hey Everybody!
Has Any Body Got Any Ideas For a New Movie I
Could Make Im Getting Back Into Flash


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2007-11-15 19:51:20

I've got some Ideas, how complex are you willing to make it?


2007-11-15 20:42:26

I would 'doodle' in flash.. just mess around.. that's how I get inspiration :p


2007-11-15 21:26:19

You'll never know where you'll get an idea, so I'll say something random!

Said in cranky old man voice: "I'm the audience and I demand that you entertain me!!! They only let me use the computer at the senior center for fifteen minutes. AWW SHUCKS!! It's that damn Oprah's fault."

Hope that gave you an idea =)


2007-11-15 23:37:09

Make something about aliens traveling the galaxy molesting other world's inhabitants.

That'd be funny.


2007-11-16 05:20:34

u said: Has Any Body Got Any Ideas For a New Movie I

i say: why don't you make a game?